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Transition - Business Upgrade in process
Published on Apr 30th, 2022 01:10 pm

Dear All,

With the business model under upgrade with SocifyAdz, the Directors of the Board of Socify Network Private Limited have come up ...

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To users of Russia.
Published on Mar 19th, 2022 12:23 am

Dear All,

It has been got into Admin notice that, a few of the users cheating the system really bad creating multiple accounts. After investigating for 7 days we just found that the majority of the signups from Russia were fake and we already did processed a few payments.

To tackle this do not happen, for any users from Russia require a $2 deposits to be eligible for withdrawal.

Meanwhile, we are also investigating the authenticity of signups from Russia. For that r...

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Important Updates!
Published on Mar 11th, 2022 02:12 pm

Dear All,

We are successful in bringing AdSense approval to our platform and they are amazing with the positioning. 

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To members of Russia and Ukraine
Published on Mar 02nd, 2022 02:38 pm

It was unfortunate to witness the news about the Russian invasion on 24 February 2022, Russia launched a large scale military invasion of Ukraine. As a  result, we heard a lot of suffering from Ukrainians and also people from other countries who are students, professionals and other labours. 

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Milestone 500 User Promotion
Published on Feb 06th, 2022 05:22 am

Dear Users,

We are happy to reach the 500 user Milestone at Celebrating this,  Read more »

Reward 30-01-2022, Congrats User @Franklin
Published on Jan 30th, 2022 01:06 am

Dear All,

Though we have announced a contest to make the Forum Activity live at Socify-Adz, it is disappointing to see, no user interactions at this point and no rewards to announce on any category.

Meanwhile, we are glad to announce a reward for user @ Franklin

You have been rewarded for your Honesty and reporting at the correct time here -

5000 Banner Credits, 500 Points have been added to your balance. We are also looking forward to your activity levels h...

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Find us on Google - Review us on TrustPilot
Published on Jan 24th, 2022 08:20 am

Dear Users,

This topic is for those users who seek the legitimacy of our company and we speak business here. Still, have a question or dou...

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1st Purchase Promotion
Published on Jan 17th, 2022 03:56 pm

Purchase Promotions

We are happy to receive a warm welcome to this industry sharing some beautiful wishes and also the feedback we have re...

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Welcome to SocifyAdz! Beta Launch.
Published on Jan 15th, 2022 02:57 pm



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