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Published on Mar 11th, 2022 02:12 pm

Dear All,

We are successful in bringing AdSense approval to our platform and they are amazing with the positioning. 

We are making it mandatory for our members to post the payment proofs on EMS forums and forums of Socifyadz to process any succeeding payment requests.

After being online for almost 2 months since January 15, we found that the members are not connected to us, the business or the good intention. We as a community are so unlucky that our members are non-supportive, silent and most of all tiring clickers.

The new click value of DRs has been updated to $0.0005

A question to ask:

1. Didn't you get tired of being scammed by new websites?

After a few months of research, I have found only a few websites that are reliable - Neobux, Ati Group, Scarletclicks, GPT planet, GAB and Clixtoyou.

Socifyadz positions the business with these genuine websites. Moreover, we are a legitimate business under the company Socify Network Private Limited.

Due to the declining trend of user activities, we are cutting the self-promotions ad count from PTC and also from the YouTube ad section. Adding to that, the Mistery reward contest and the user milestone promotions are being closed due to the same reason. 

Our beta phase is almost getting finished in a few days. Sadly we reserve to offer more add-ons until we cross 5000 users for stability reasons.



Good luck all.


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